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Esferas (2017)

Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami

Music by Aleksey Igudesman, Alexander Balansecu, and Alex Baranowski

My original idea for this piece was to make three separate trios that had nothing to do with eachother musically or choreographically, but that still shared one thing in common; in other words, three dimensions or planes that intersected only across one elemental aspect or language. These three composers utilize the string instruments very differently, yet each has an emotional component that certainly expresses various sides of human feeling. Ironically, in one lnaguage or another, all three composers are named Alexander and come from countires in Europe. I wanted the trios to appear as different worlds which the three dancers themselves go through. The idea is three dancers (who share a common ballet and cultural background) experience three new and different dimensions together. In the first plane, they discover eachother and connect. In the second, they become syncopated, mechanized and frantic as the music reaches it’s dramatic climax. In the third, they leave gthe storm of the previous world and reach a new plateau of serenity, solidarity and tranquility. As opposed to creating a trilogy in which the movements either show a progression or ascensions of sorts, I wanted these trios to be presented as three interlocked rings that, despite only being connected at singular points, are linked together with incredible durability, much like the dancers themselves have to be in this ballet: in body, mind and spirit. 

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