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5,6,7 Eight Podcast Interview

This week on 5.6.7.EIGHT, Aleksandra speaks with Ariel Rose, a dancer and choreographer at the Miami City Ballet. Rose, who hails from New York City, trained at multiple arts and dance schools before training at the Boston Ballet School on full scholarship. Rose has since danced professionally with a number of renown ballet companies, yet his true passion is for choreography. Ariel’s education was tailor-made to foster a love of choreography inside of him from a young age, and his works have been featured at a number of ballet companies and schools across two continents.

Ariel is a deep, passionate thinker and holds unique perspectives on a wide variety of topics within the dance realm. On the podcast, Aleksandra and Ariel span a number of topics, including his own journey in ballet, his view on dancing a diversity of styles, his creative process, the challenges of being a young and aspiring choreographer, and why there’s a gender disparity in dance, to name a few. Both dancers and non-dancers are sure to come away from the podcast more knowledgeable and more inspired to achieve their goals.


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